Parking in Bristol

Parking in Bristol

* For vehicles lining up to board the ferry please form 2 lanes in the marked area at the north end (right side of the lot when facing the ferry). *

*This area is for ACTIVE ferry loading only, no vehicles or freight items may be left unattended in the loading lanes*

Prudence & Bay Islands Transport owns/manages no parking in Bristol. Please find a list below of the parties who manage and enforce parking in Bristol.

Please read closely below as parking in Bristol has changed.

Free Parking options in town

Overnight Parking:

If overnight parking is needed, please take the time before your visit to explore options in town. There are areas east of Wood Street that do not require town resident stickers. Be prepared to arrive early to give yourself time to find overnight parking and arrive in time for the ferry departure.

Day Parking:

Free day parking only is available in municipal lots in town. There are a few municipal lots in town; the east side of Thames Street there is a small public lot behind Judge Roy Bean, the south side of State Street located before the intersection of State and Wood Street, Across the Street from the Bristol Town Hall on Court Street and some areas at Independence Park. Pay attention to street signs.

The Bristol Harbormaster’s Office no longer provides day or overnight parking and will be enforcing the parking in the marina lot and surrounding area. This includes street parking along Thames st. from State st. Pier to Constitution st. and lower Constitution st. down to the water. As well as the parking lots including the marina lot, lot on State st. Pier, and the lot at the armory building.

There is 2 hour parking in the majority of these areas and you may be ticketed or towed if you are in violation of posted signs. Information will be provided on the tickets for payment and disputes.

Bristol Harbor Master’s Office

Office Location
Maritime Center, 1st floor
Thames Street

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Bristol Harbor Master’s Phone: 401.253.1700


Please see below parties who offer paid parking in Bristol.

Goglia’s Market

374 Wood Street, Bristol RI

Yearly and monthly spaces are full at this time.

Limited day, overnight and weekend parking available.

Call Victor for rates and passes.

Victor 401-996-9877




Parking at Homestead, Prudence Island


Click for full P.I Parking Lot diagram


Please follow signs and park in areas designated for the following:

  • drop off
  • live parking
  • daily, no overnight parking
  • 72 hour parking
  • three week parking

Please note there is no parking available for longer than three weeks.

Vehicles left in the Prudence Parking lot longer than three weeks may be ticketed or towed. If you have a vehicle that has been in the lot for an extended period of time please plan on moving the vehicle. If you need assistance in moving your vehicle or getting a ride to or from your home when moving your vehicle Officer Tavernier has offered his assistance in this matter. Please contact the ferry office to get in touch with him if needed.

Use of public boat ramp.

The boat ramp on the north side of the ferry dock is open to all and is kept clear by the Town of Portsmouth. When using the boat ramp please access the ramp using the North entrance to the parking lot and avoid driving trailers through the parking area.