Ferry Charter Service between Prudence Island and Bristol

The ferry can be chartered between or after regularly scheduled ferry runs. This service is frequently used to bring service vehicles to the island but may be used by anyone needing to get people, vehicles or supplies to the island during off hours. The charter fee for the vessel is $300.00 per hour; this includes the captain and one deckhand. Standard passenger and vehicle rates will be applied on top of the charter fee. The maximum passenger capacity of the vessel is 150 people. An extra deckhand may be added at the captain’s discretion for an added fee.

Please contact the office at 401.683.0430 to schedule a service charter to or from Prudence Island.

Hazardous Materials Charters

Per our vessels Certificate of Inspection the US Coast Guard does not allow for the transport of inflammable materials including propane, gasoline, kerosene, etc. on regularly scheduled passenger ferry runs. In order to get these materials to Prudence Island a designated hazardous materials charter run must be booked. No passengers can be present on hazardous materials runs. Home heating oil and diesel fuel are not considered hazardous materials by the USCG and trucks delivering these materials can be scheduled on regular ferry runs. Hazardous materials charters have the same charter fee as service charters at $300.00 per hour, in addition to the vehicle rate for delivery or service vehicles. Occasionally 5:45 AM runs are blocked off specifically for hazardous materials runs and will not be open to the public. In these cases the 6:20 AM from the island will remain open to passengers as normal. Customers will be informed of blocked runs on the website home page and Text Alert system.


Private Event Ferry Charter Cruises

We are now booking private event ferry charter cruises. Take your next party on the water with a private ferry cruise around Narragansett Bay!

See the Event Cruises tab for more information.