Text Alerts

 Text Message Alerts 

We are changing our text alert system and all customers must re-sign up before January 2nd
to continue to receive text notifications from us.

Our ferry office uses a text alert system to notify customers of ferry cancellations due to weather as well as changes to the regular ferry schedule. Changes to the regular schedule include the addition of ferry runs on busy weekends or added service runs during the week. This system also allows the office to notify individual customers if they have packages waiting for them at the Prudence Office.

To sign up for text messaging, stop by the Prudence Office during office hours or fill out the form below. To sign up you must provide your name and phone number. We will now be paying for this service so please only select the months that you will be traveling on the ferry. We will not be charging our customers for this service however, standard text messaging rates may apply to the recipient.



Please select at least one group to join.

Thank you for submitting