Oversize and Commercial Reservations

Oversize Vehicle Reservations

Vehicles longer than 20 feet or with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of over 1 ton (dump trucks, box trucks, work vans, construction equipment etc.) must make a reservation with a staff member in person or over the phone. We ask that these reservations be made Monday through Thursday. When making a reservation for an oversize vehicle you must know the GVW and length of the vehicle before calling or speaking to the office staff/crew. This prevents customers from being overcharged for vehicles and provides staff and crew accurate information for properly loading the ferry. Staff and crew may check vehicle length and GVW when the vehicle arrives at the ferry and if the vehicle does not match up with the reservation that has been made the vehicle will be placed on standby. These reservations are best made at least a few days in advance as reservations for oversize vehicles need to be approved by the captain for the tide as well as with other vehicles already reserved for that ferry run. Oversize vehicles are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to ferry departure.